General tutorials for starting with the MarketGod Indicator including
How to find your Tradingview Username for Registratin
How to Add MarketGod to Charts on Tradingview
How to Set Alerts with MarketGod

MarketGod Trading Registration Username

How to find your Tradingview Username
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1. Start by visiting the tradingview homepage, via this link below. (Visit the tradingview homepage)

2. Once logged into your tradingview account, view the top right corner of the screen. (Follow this link)
*The user name that appears on the profile in front of you is the username.

Submit this username to our user-registration for the account you prefer for MarketGod Access.

MarketGod Trading Registration Username

Add MarketGod to Tradingview Charts
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Login to your account on TradingviewFrom the homepage, click on ‘Chart’ in the top navigation bar.Select “Indicators” on the top-center-middle panel:

In the indicator library, you will notice your tradingview account will now have a "invite only" section on the left-hand side. The indicator and strategy will both be available to you, and will look as the photo to the left.

Be Sure to choose the MarketGod for Tradingview [study]  published by user MarketGodx. TVMARKETGOD is a previous account we needed to reset due to constraints on automated user adds we wanted to sidestep.

If you find yourself waiting multiple hours without gaining access to the indicator,
please email our teamwith a copy of your receipt and we will plan accordingly from there!

MarketGod Trading Registration Username

How to Set Tradingview Alerts

1. From you Tradingview chart, navigate to the symbol and timeframes you'd like to set an alert for.

2. From the main chart, click on the alerts icon in the right panel and then click the plus (+) to open the ‘Set Alert’ menu.

3. Set the alerts for Buy and Sell, by selecting the MarketGod Indicator as the source of the alert (first drop down menu in the panel).

4. When the source is set to MarketGod, choose 'Buy Alert' or 'Sell Alert' from the menu afterward.

5. The frequency of the alerts should be set to your preference. We recommend the 'Once per bar close' option that sends an alert via SMS for email, without expiry, whenever the conditions are met. This option is only available through tradingview's premium plans

Change the Version Number to improve results MarketGod v7 or v8 are recommended, although others are available and work great

Your indicator came with 10 versions of itself, starting with MarketGod v1- MarketGod v8 and Ichimoku God. Long Story short: there's so many to try, one will work for you in theory.

Change the Filter Value Changing the filter value on any of our versions will adjust accordingly to match results on a given market

The higher the value, the lower the frequency of alerts and in some cases, the less noise is seen. We recommend trying 5, 9, 15, 20, 26, 29-31,90,100 but feel free to use whichever woks to your liking.

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