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Tradingview's best buy and sell algorithm

Since 2019, we've been the ORIGINAL buy and sell indicator on the Tradingview platform.

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Hello and welcome to MarketGod Trading.

MarketGod Trading has been working around the clock since 2019 to make our indicators the best it can be. Thanks to these efforts, we are nearly 5,000 strong with users who have relied and trusted their trading efforts with our MarketGod Indicator.
We built this tool in efforts to remove the draining process of spending hours studying and sorting through market data and charts online.

"Buy the Fear, Sell The Greed"

Problem: Emotional Bias Reduces Profits

High volatility breeds poor risk management and misguided decision making. Greed and euphoria convey the illusion of financial success.
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Solution: Remove Emotional Bias

By implementing a consistent logic that performs regardless of emotion, traders can gain an edge vs the other traders in a market.

MarketGod for Tradingview compliments any trading strategy you are already using, and includes alert functionality as a means to 'set and forget' the market of trade, rather than staring at your charts for hours at a time.

Features Overview

And that's not Everything

Works on Every Time-Frame

MarketGod can be added to any and all charting timeframes, but is typically most effective on the 15m, 1H, 4H, 6H, 1D, 3D, 1W, 2W, and 1M

Zero Repainting

MarketGod uses both real time data and historical data without repainting the alerts on the chart as a form of manipulation.

Exiting Trades

Both our study and our strategy come with identical SLTP functions, so traders automating or backtesting the alerts can use the price levels to their advantage

always up to date

MarketGod is consistently upgraded and improved upon to help our traders and users perform better with our alerts.

Date Testing

Our strategy comes with a date-testing functionality for both intraday and multiple day backtesting

Dynamic and REliable

Trading made easy

All Markets

MarketGod was built and implemented for cryptocurrency trading, although is applicable to all markets and tickers on

All Timeframes

MarketGod allows users to trade on their preferred timeframe, although we recommend the best results come from the 1m, 5m, 1H, 4H & 1D charts.

Adjust as Needed

We've consolidated ten indicators into our study/indicator and its accompanying strategy. If one isn't working, simply adjust the version to improve the results.

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Made to stay simple

MarketGod utilizes the strongest trend indicators applied in classic technical analysis to give our users trend leading and trend setting signals to ultimately power their decisions in trading. All Timeframes, all markets and all sentiments are utilized by MarketGod for Tradingview.

Assistance with Exiting Trades

Both our study and our strategy come with identical SLTP functions, so traders automating or backtesting the alerts can use the price levels to their advantage

Works on Every Market

MarketGod can be added to any chart, ticker or market available on Tradingview's charting platform. This includes, but is not limited to, FOREX, Crypto, Equities, Indexes, Mutual Funds, ETFs and more.

Is there a best time frame to use this tool?

5m, 15m,1H, 4H, 1D, 3D, 1W, 1M

How Do I Find MarketGod once On Tradingview?

From your tradingview chart, access the public indicator library near the top of the screen.

Which Markets Can I Apply MarketGod On?

We've designed MarketGod to work on all of them. If a ticker is available on our partner's site, we can analyze the data and apply the algorithm.

The Lock on My Indicator Access is Still Red?

Still, try adding the tools after refreshing the browser. The red lock updates once you've accessed a tool, not just gained access to it.

Why are my labels only showing up on the part of the chart?

Do you see this or something similar below on your charts? It may happen when switching between 'plots' and 'labels' due to the trading view's limitation on labels allowed on a given chart. Simply put, the more authors with visuals on charts takes more server space and creates slower environments for users. So they limit the visuals to keep the servers as fast as traders need. To solve this, we recommend changing the time frame, zooming in, or reducing the frequency of alerts by changing the filter settings to a higher number. You may also replace the label options with standard plots again._

What MarketGod Indicators Come in the Consolidated Study / Strategy?

Both the Strategy and Study include MarketGod v1, v2, v3, v4, v5, v6, v7, v8, x_ and Ichimoku God.

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