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MarketGod v8

Traders use MarketGod on Tradingview to  for alerts on any market of choice.  Using components of classical technical analysis, MarketGod Trading has successfully built a reliable framework of logic to expect changes in price in real time, allowing traders to maximize profits, minimize loses and trade for the profits they'd otherwise have lost from overtrading, and emotional bias.

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We change how people trade financial markets


Supercharge Any Trading Strategy

MarketGod for Tradingview compliments any trading strategy you are already using, and includes alert functionality as a means to 'set and forget' the market of trade, rather than staring at your charts for hours at a time.

MarketGod Product Markup of the MarketGod INdicator


Emotional Bias Drives Losing Trades

High volatility breeds poor risk management and misguided decision making. Greed and euphoria convey the illusion of financial success.


Provide an unbiased framework for entering & Exiting the Market

By implementing a consistent logic that performs regardless of emotion, traders can gain an edge vs the other traders in a market.

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Is there a best time frame to use this tool?

5m, 15m,1H, 4H, 1D, 3D, 1W, 1M

What MarketGod Indicators Come in the Consolidated Study / Strategy?

Both the Strategy and Study include MarketGod v1, v2, v3, v4, v5, v6, v7, v8, x_ and Ichimoku God.

I've Recently Purchased. My Indicator Access Is Still Locked?

Please be sure you have provided us with your username for Tradingview to add you to the tool. If you have, Please check you have refreshed your browser, and move on to the next step. If you have not, Please email us your order confirmation, along with your Tradingview username, to for Tradingview [strategy]

MarketGod shows a repainting warning when setting the alerts up

Since our indicator does not and will not repaint, its more than likely you've tried to set an alert on the strategy and not the indicator. Set the alert on the indicator to correct the issue.

How Do I Find MarketGod once On Tradingview?

From your tradingview chart, access the public indicator library near the top of the screen.

Do you have indicators coded for MT4?

Our indicators only work on TradingView at the moment. There are some plans to code them for MT4 and MT5, but we don't have an ETA.A lot of traders chart their trades with our indicators on TradingView and then place their trades on MT4. This is a prevalent and preferred method since TradingView is known to have the best charting platform for Crypto, Stocks, and Forex, and MT4 is well known for its fast and easy trade execution platform.

Why are my labels only showing up on the part of the chart?

Do you see this or something similar below on your charts? It may happen when switching between 'plots' and 'labels' due to the trading view's limitation on labels allowed on a given chart. Simply put, the more authors with visuals on charts takes more server space and creates slower environments for users. So they limit the visuals to keep the servers as fast as traders need. To solve this, we recommend changing the time frame, zooming in, or reducing the frequency of alerts by changing the filter settings to a higher number. You may also replace the label options with standard plots again.

How Do I Find MarketGod once On Tradingview?

In most cases it will take less than 4 hours for our team to add you manually to the indicator permissions list