Buying MArketGod

What is MarketGod v7?

MarketGod v7 is a mathematically calculated & entirely price based chart overlay, offered to users via 3rd party charting website, tradingview.com.

With MarketGod v7, you can:

✔ See changes in trend, and the likely direction of a given market in it's current environment

✔ See recommendations on your chart when to Buy & Sell a given equity, currency, crypto or commodity

✔ Build a notification system across any market, ticker or index

✔ Consistently & Reliably hold a neutral bias in your trading approach

Where do I access MarketGod v7?

MarketGod v7 is an indicator that can be added to any chart on tradingview.com. The indicator is published by TVMarketGod, our tradingview account, and can be found by searching "MarketGod v7" in the public indicator library.

Do I need to pay to access MarketGod v7?

MarketGod v7 is a premium tool that we offer. All users are required to purchase before using

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept many forms of payment for our users, including Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and various Cryptocurrencies.

Click Here to pay with cryptocurrency

Is this tool for me?

While we made this tool to be simple to interpret and easy to use, we do not recommend novice traders or younger traders to use. This tool is meant to be a supplement to trading, not the 'end all be all', to a users strategy.

Do I need a premium account on Tradingview?

MarketGod v7 Users are not required to be a premium user on tradingview.com. Although we highly recommend subscribing to their premium membership. Free users will still be able to use the tool, but are limited to the alerts that can be established.

Is MarketGod v7 automated?

No - Trading with v7 is not automated out of the box. While we are working to automate the strategy on other platforms, users have found ways on their own to automate their alerts received via MarketGod v7.

What comes with purchasing MarketGod v7?

Users will receive access to MarketGod v7 on tradingview.com, along with its accompanying backtest strategy. When we update the version numbers, all current users will receive the update, unless they are using MarketGod Lite.

Do I need to set up my own Tradingview Account

Users are required to create their own account on tradingview.com, in the event they do not already have one.




Using MarketGod

I've just purchased MarketGod. Now What?

Thank you for your business and congrats on your purchase!

While the process will normally be short, Please allow up to 6 hours for processing, while we are growing at the rate we are. 

To make sure you are added quickly as possible, please remember to do the following

  • Confirm a user account on Tradingview.

  • We’ve found new accounts/unconfirmed accounts have challenges when we try to add them. To step around this, please be sure to have a verified account when you first set it up with them (responding to email confirmations, etc). 

  • Also, please be sure you have provided us with your Tradingview username and email. These are the only details we need once you’ve paid. We will add you ASAP. Please keep an eye on your junk mail, and we will inform you once we’ve confirmed you’ve been add.

  • Follow the instructions In your welcome email to submit your username. In the event our automations fail to deliver the email, please let us know and share your TVUsername with us via email to admin@marketgod.io. Remember to check spam before assuming it hasn’t arrived.

How do I add MarketGod v7 to my chart?

Please see our Guide to V7 on our tutorials page

The Indicator has just shown an alert. Where should I enter or exit the trade?

For the general indicator (not backtest strategy), understand that it is solely telling you the trend has changed. Once the alert fires, it is now on the trader and user to determine their entries and exit trade levels. We suggest to new traders that they do not enter a financial trade without fully understanding the circumstance. Our tool will enable you to know when a movement on price is worth looking at, and confirming the trend.

The 'Buy' and 'Sell' Alert options are not visible when setting up alerts ?

Having trouble when setting alerts? If the menu appears like it does here, simply use your arrow keys if on desktop. Top/first option on the list is buy, and the second/one arrow hit down from buy pairs with sell. This is a gap on tradingview’s end.

MarketGod gave the wrong signal and I am now losing money. What now?

Miss the pump from an overdue buy sign? OR is price dumping without warning? These things happen. Specifically happen with certain exchanges. We’ve found moves like these are quickly reversed and MarketGod is likely actually early for the incoming result. That said, this tool is one of several you should be using when trading.

An alert from MarketGod is sending a notification but the chart is not showing the alert?

Please refer to our suggested uses for MarketGod v7

Why are the candles flickering 'Buy' or 'Sell' in some periods of time?

Backpainting occurs when indicators on Tradingview are programmed to trigger at a specific point, and then 'shift' the location of the painted alert plotting, to look as if it had printed at the exact point of the trend change.

MarketGod v7 does not backpaint or repaint its signals in any way. Real time data means real time results & no change in the plot structure.

Do I follow every signal alerted from MarketGod?

Generally speaking, no. The timeframe and other factors are relevant however. High frames will always win. The higher the frame, the less chop there is. The less chop there is, the more accurate every signal is. For Example) IF a Monthly candle shows a signal, it should not be ignored. For more info

Please refer to our suggested uses for MarketGod v7

How do I remove the 'N/A' values from my chart?

Please review the tutorials for MarketGod v7, where this is addressed. It is an easy fix and this will help you remove the values from the chart.

You can find the Tutorials page here

What are the suggested uses for this tool?

Please refer to our suggested uses for MarketGod v7