Who we are

MarketGod Trading Tools | Thies Ventures, LLC

Committed to bridging the gap in wide-spread retail market trading, MarketGod Trading Tools focuses on providing our users with accurate, reliable and consistently successful tools for their own gain.

Originally founded by Eric Thies in 2019, the MarketGod Trading legacy began with the release of MarketGod Indicator in January. Originally released as a free tool for tradingview.com users, our explosive growth and gaining popularity caused the tool to be moved to a premium offering, as we have continued to grow since. MarketGod v6 was the original premium offering, which launched on Tradingview.com officially to users on May 1, 2019.

Today, we have nearly one-thousand users utilizing the tool, and the number continues to grow. Ultimately, we look to provide more fundamental based tool and valuable insight to our users, and continue being the industry leader in TA-Based Trading Algorithms for Retail traders.