Announcement - Slight Upgrade to v7.0.1

v7 Update to v7.0.1

We will be issuing a slight upgrade to our tool on, on October 4th 2019. Read the details below.

This update will be purely visual, with zero change to the buy and sell criteria. Therefore, all alerts and functions that users have established will continue to work as intended.

We will continue to refer to our overall tool as v7 - the only change is you’ll notice the way a user changes the label visual has changed from a checkbox, to a list of options. We are also reintroducing the crown label as many liked back in v5 / early 2019.

v7 User Panel

The original v7 User Panel

The original v7 User Panel

Update to v7.0.1

v7.0.1 User Panel.

v7.0.1 User Panel.

As you can see, the adjustment is minor, and no changes need to be made by users at the moment.

To Upgrade your Chart:

  1. Delete current MarketGod v7 Indicator from your chart

  2. Add MarketGod v7 to chart from public library

  3. Verify by checking user panel and noticeable difference

MarketGod Trading Team