Introduction to MarketGod Trading

Intro to MarketGodx

Over the last 12M, the MarketGod indicator has evolved from an initial add-on to a paid group, into its own tool and brand. With over 700 users in just 5 months of offering, MarketGod has built an identity known across Twitter, TradingView, and the general and mainstream crypto-community.
For those who have witnessed this development and continue to drive us, compliment our work & overall support the tool, thank you.

The series of events that started the tool we know today – a culmination of 12 months in development.

The MarketGod tool began its development in the midst of the 2018 bear market. In August, as an admin in a subscription based premium trading group at the time, I was well aware that of the 3 markets our group traded, my specialty / my room in the group (crypto) had the smallest audience. With nearly 200 members paying for options, OTC & crypto updates daily, a maximum of 10 were solely there for crypto, and ultimately only there for my knowledge in the space.
Seeing the situation as it was, I was looking at essentially myself being an outsider to 4 other partners. In terms of subscriptions, my weight was not being pulled & I knew it.

So In September, I started looking at alternative models. For whatever reason, Crypto traders have an anti paid group mentality. Personally, I’ve always had reason to believe it was mainly because half the people were from societies were education is typically free, and the idea of paying for knowledge was blasphemy. Whatever the reason is, I knew that even an audience of 10k followers on twitter at the time, were less than responsive to the attempts to get subscribers. 

This in mind, I knew that a subscription based tool may not be the solution, but I needed something that could provide recognition to the group it was going to be a part of, but helped the trader in any scenario. Instantly, an indicator or bot became my focus. 
At the time, I was known in the space for a system of trading that I deemed KBC. KBC incorporated Keltner Channels, Bollinger Bands and Heikin Ashi candles to the point where I could call alt-coin surges and dumps *to the Satoshi*. I started to build out the programmed version of this and instantly hit a wall. TradingView is fantastic in many ways, but it certainly has its limitations. KBC works, but I couldn’t transcribe this into PineScript & ultimately butchered the project entirely.

By now, it was mid-November. 
Ultimately the market crashed to what became its bottom and my attention to crypto action was minimal. Unfortunately the scenario I expected with the trading group ultimately played out as I thought it would. I was voted out of the group because the crypto subscriptions were virtually non existent, and my share of the pie wasn’t equal to the weight I was pulling. The details on how the group went about removing me was less than professional, and the details honestly were less than professional.

That said, I wish those gents nothing but the best because the result was the best thing that could have happened with what was about to develop.