MarketGod V7 Release Notes

MarketGod v7 - Release Notes

MarketGod v7 enters the market with a slightly different, simple, approach, ultimately reaching a yet more advanced and customizable level than before. 

In previous versions, the buys and sells comprised of several working parts in sync, delivering a Buy/Sell perspective that had typically strong results. All versions have come to be mainly indicator buy/sell based, and v6 was the first to really include averages with price movement - EMAs, SMAs, HullMAs, each still using an indicator based lead component to decide the confirmation of the Buys/Sells. That said, v7 brings a new aspect into play that wasn’t used prior - price movement itself. 

Here’s a breakdown of the overall tool, how to access, and suggested uses for the v7 update. 

New with v7 

  • Updated from v2 Pinescript to v4

  • Buy & Sell Accuracy - involves movement by price, not compiled indicators (v1-v5) // SMAs (v6) 

  • Buy & Sell Chop Filter Settings 

    • See our updated suggested uses for tips and tricks

  • Added Auto-Fibs and visuals 

  • Corrected Standard HL Pivots (failed functionality of v6.4)

  • Added Options for Labeling the signals. Options include a “ ⚡️" Emoji, the “+/-“, and the standard “Buy/Sell” 

  • Updated Guppy Settings — > needed less visuals per TV’s Consent so these will not be as expansive as they were prior. 

  • Changed BBands to Logarithmic BBands

    • Removes the ‘disappearing Band” problem that TV has with standard BBands

  • Added Keltner Fill between the Kelt bands

  • Comprehensive knowledge base added to website. Growing repository of content and guides 

  • Fixed v7 Strategy to be published. Enabling time - period specific testing 

  • Bug fixed the Ichimoku visual and input problem present in v6’s