Interview With Ryan Castillo, CastilloCapital, LLC

Meet Ryan Castillo, AKA @castillotrading, of CastilloCapital, LLC. A successful & established trader in the space, our team was more than excited to catch up with him and hear about his experience with MarketGod and other projects he’s currently pursuing. Check out the interview below, and how Ryan uses MarketGod to supplement his trading.

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Tell us about your trading background. Are you new to the game?

My name is Ryan Castillo and I am the Owner & CEO of CastilloCapital LLC. Private family fund that has been in the market for about 6 years. We have investments ranging in large cap blue chip stocks all the way to micro cap penny stocks, along with Forex and cryptocurrency. Large portion of the fund goes to long-term investment, but we also do a lot of day and swing trading wherever the volatility is to maximize profits.


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When did you first start trading crypto?

I first got into crypto after most of the parabolic run-up was done, and mainly I was just completely against an asset that traded 24/7 at the time. Something about holding a trade while sleeping just didn’t sit right to me, but I soon started to see just how beneficial the cryptocurrency market can truly be. I also failed to research what these assets were and how this “blockchain” actually worked and that was my first mistake. I was comfortable with trading Pennystocks on my E*Trade PRO account along with Interactive Brokers, so for me to venture out and try a completely different market was something new. I soon created my first crypto wallet with Binance and Coinbase and completely got engulfed into the “Crypto-World”. I missed most of the ICO craze that created millionaires from a few thousand dollar investment, which I was completely okay with. The market volatility and exponential returns brought me to crypto but the tech, research, and future innovation is what kept me here to stay.

After being in the crypto market for the end of 2017/beginning of 2018, I realized just how pre-mature these assets still are. When altcoins started to slow down on the volume and liquidity, I started to look for alternate ways to still trade the market. Gaining “Satoshi Values” is very important for long-term cryptocurrency investors and that is what lead me to the derivatives markets and BTC Margin Trading.

What tools do you use when you use MarketGod?

When I use MarketGod as one of my indicators, I really use it as a trend confirmation based on the type of trade I am looking to get into. I try not to use too many indicators and my trading style really is the KISS style (Keep It Simple Stupid). Basic support and resistance levels, channel trends, Fibonacci retracement, trend-lines and of course basic trading psychology.

Do you use MarketGod as a supplement or an end all be all?

With any indicator, to me, it needs to be used as a supplement and not an end all be all strategy. You need to have other signals you are comfortable with before making any trade and this comes with experience and screen time. Also, it’s smart to understand the difference between a scalp trade and a swing trade and how to use low timeframes and higher timeframes. I wouldn’t be using MarketGod on the 1h timeframe trying to scalp trade, and I wouldn’t be using MarketGod on the 5m for a swing trade.

MarketGod is designed as a trend trading/trend reading indicator, would you say it accomplishes that for users/yourself?

Absolutely, the best thing about MarketGod is just how reliable it really is. You have to be smart about how you trade with it, but once you understand that you really need to be using it as a “Trend Confirmation” it will really start to benefit your trading. Most of the time, I will construct a trading plan using channel trends and fib levels and then bring the MG to confirm my bias before taking a trade.

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What would you recommend to new traders as a strategy to us when first using MarketGod Does someone need trading experience to use it?

My first recommendation for any new traders using MarketGod is to not solely rely on the indicator to tell you when to BUY and SELL. Too many traders get involved with custom indicators thinking that it will do 100% for you and that just isn’t the truth. I like to use MG for what I call “Trend Confirmation” before entering any trade but also using it on multiple timeframes. The one thing that new traders fail to understand is that trading is based on PROBABILITY and not CERTAINTY. Nothing is curtain when it comes to markets, especially the cryptocurrency markets so the sooner you understand that losing money is part of the game the better off you will be. Being a good trading comes with experience and screen time and it’s important to understand that learning price action takes patience.

I would recommend experience before using any custom indicators, or at least knowledge of basic TA patterns and setups.

Would you agree MarketGod is worth the investment?

100%! Not only is it worth the investment, but I truly believe that Eric should charge more! If you are doing diligence and using the indicator the way it should be used, then the possibilities can be endless. It’s all about personal trading style and finding strategies that work for you, Market God has been there for me when I need overall trend confirmation, and that has lead me to many of my winning trades.

What’s going on for you work wise as of now? Any projects in the space you’re helping out with?

Yes, actually have been working with a team for quite some time on a project called “Vestna”. Can’t really bring too much up about this incredible soon to be social platform, but just know that it is going to potentially revolutionize financial markets and social media.

2019 crypto better than 2018 crypto?

Most people would say 2019 of course, but I say it depends on your perspective. 2018 was an incredible year for short sellers and bearish outlooks on the market. 2019 has been all bulls, so really it depends on how you want to look at the market and what your bias is.

If you weresitting long BTC all of 2018, chances are you are having a much better 2019. One huge piece of advice I can give any trader is; DON’T BE BIASED!

Market environment changes almost every single day depending on the timeframe you are watching, so don’t be afraid to turn bearish if technicals are pointing that way and don’t be afraid to be bullish. Be flexible and understand that markets will always humble you if you get too confident.