Paying with Crypto


Crypto payment as you need

We gladly accept several crypto-currencies offered via Coinbase Commerce

  • Bitcoin

  • Ethereum

  • Litecoin

  • Bitcoin Cash

  • USDC

LOwer PRicing with crypto

Believer in crypto? Us too. We like it so much we will save you significant amounts of USD with a purchase using Crypto

Crypto Payment Instructions

  1. Follow the prompts provided to check out with crypto payment, by hitting the button above.

  2. Once submitted, Coinbase will notify us when your payment is confirmed. This will trigger an automatic welcome email from our system, and you will be linked to a registration form to fill out all needed details that we use to add you to our script.

  3. When you submit your registration, we will process and add you to the script. This is a manual process as of now and we appreciate the patience you have while we confirm your Tx, and add you to the script.

  4. If you have submitted your payment within 6 hours, but not received a welcome email or confirmation email, please email us your payment confirmation or Tx at

Want to pay in crypto-currency, but can’t use Coinbase Commerce? Request a Private Tx Here