About Us

MarketGod Trading is committed to changing the way people trade markets.
We work tirelessly to build our strategy to perfection.

We want to change the way people trade.
We can do this by removing emotions from the equation, which often cloud our best judgement in times of market volatility.

MarketGod Trading

After launching on Tradingview as a free Study, MarketGod quickly became a top indicator in the tradingview public indicator library
In an effort to prevent thousands of traders using the same indicator at once, we moved to a premium-only model, and have 5,000+ traders on the tool today.  

Trusted Since 2019

MarketGod was first published to tradingview in January 2019.
In its  existence, MarketGod has been upgraded over 10 times with significant changes, and over 500 times with minor adjustments and bug fixes.


All Markets

Through its years of developments, we've always maintained it primary function of being applicable to any market.


All Timeframes

Along with every market, we need MarketGod to work on all timeframes, as traders rotate through various at a time.


Any Environment

From the text of the alerts, to the colors of the indicator itself, MG is customizable to any environment in every way.

LTCUSD as shown on tradinview.com with the marketgod buy and sell indicator alerts flashing across at pivotal moments of trading

Set it and forget it MarketGod is built for you to enjoy the other parts of your life

We built this tool with our time staring at charts in mind. MarketGod is built to eliminate what was once hours of looking at charts, almost over-loading the brain with emotionally-biased information that would impact our thinking in a period of high stress, induced by market movement.

ETH vs USD on Bittrex 1D chart, Tradingview.com

Technically sound
Where some indicators have noise, marketGod has clarity

MarketGod for Tradingview has been built on, improved upon and continually upgraded since its launch in January 2019. For this reason, there are more than 10 indicators packed into our current release, catering to nearly 5,000 traders world wide who have all found value in the MarketGod tool.

Will MarketGod automate trading?

No, MarketGod sends buy and sell alerts to users once the user has manually set alerts on a given market for trading.

What's the difference between MarketGod for Tradingview (Study) and MarketGod for Tradingview (Strategy)?

Studies are  chart overlays that are used in technical analysis. Studies are interchangeably referred to as indicators.
Strategies are applied as a method of backtesting indicator performance. Note that MarketGod was a study before an indicator.

Studies can send alerts, strategies send different types of alerts.

MarketGod alerts are set through the study.

I've found a bug in the script. What do I do?
How do I change MarketGod Versions?

To switch versions, change the version setting in the main menu area by double clicking the indicator in the top left corner of your Tradingview chart.

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